Where I can, I try to use our own images, but occasionally I have to use a stock image to fit the subject of my post. Sometimes we just can’t get close enough to what I want to photograph or there is nothing that quite works. When that happens, I reluctantly turn to Pixabay for one of their free images. These are the images we can’t claim any credit for, other than finding them online:

  • Where D has a bad day – cows
  • Happy Days – hearts
  • But the Prosecco is free, darling – Prosecco bottle
  • War of the Weeds – dandelions
  • Madness comes to Yorkshire – flower tributes
  • The Big Reveal – chrysanthemums
  • New Simple Life Mark 2 – all the images belong to Nina Jervis
  • The Arrival of Winter – sunflower
  • Rats! – blackbird

Not from Pixabay but also not mine:

All the other images throughout the blog are either mine or taken by D. Increasingly D is contributing photos to the blog, demonstrating his usual support of what I do. He has a real eye for framing a good picture – thank you D as ever for everything you do.

Brown dried hydrangea flowers against a dark green shed
D took this of the hydrangea heads gleaming in the sunshine set against the darkness of the painted shed

And here is my favourite picture of my own:

Golden tipped marigold with white centred petals and dark brown centre
No filters on this – just a stunning flower