Crossing the Wheel

Inspired by the recent cold snap, and a post by herbalblessingsblogĀ (if you haven’t come across her yet, have a read – her blog is a great combination of practicality and inspiration), I have something a bit different for you this week. I want to share the Crossing the Wheel Challenge with you, where bloggers post pictures of their gardens in midsummer and midwinter, to remind those of us in the Northern Hemisphere that winter will pass and the sun will shine again soon!

So here are my midwinter pics of the flower garden and the kitchen garden. The thermometer was saying -6Ā°C when I took these and a heavy frost was lying over everything.

Such a contrast with last summer!

Unfortunately, I don’t seem to have taken enough photos of the flower garden in full bloom last year. Once the cosmos arrived, the whole garden lit up with colour. Maybe this year!

To take part in the Crossing the Wheel challenge, use the #crossingthewheel hashtag and post images of your garden midwinter and midsummer.

Here’s looking forward to spring, folks!

2 thoughts on “Crossing the Wheel

  1. Thanks for promoting the Crossing the Wheel challenge, the good idea of Paul at Paul’s Patch! Glad you enjoy my little blog. It’s fun to write. Best of luck in the upcoming spring season.

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