Six on Saturday

Yellow pansy in a blue planter

I have a bonus post for you this week – I’m taking part in Six on Saturday. Six photos to show the garden just as it is right now. So out I went on a frosty day and found such beauty in the winter garden.

Dried hydrangea head covered in frost
Hydrangea heads in the frost
A cream hellebore flower
The hellebores look so delicate but can withstand any weathers
Pampas flowers covered in frost
I love the way the frost accentuates the texture of the Pampas flowers
Daffodils in bud
Hooray! We have daffodil buds already
Carrot leaves covered in frost
The carrots are coping well with the winter weather
Cobweb covered in frost
How intricate is this cobweb?

6 thoughts on “Six on Saturday

  1. Pampas grass? I do not know of many who grow that. I just got off the telephone with my colleague in the Los Angeles region who really likes the garden varieties of it. He lives and works mostly in town, where the invasive nature of it is not so much of a concern. In my neighborhood, where it is a seriously invasive exotic species, even the (supposedly) sterile garden varieties are unpopular.

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    1. Ours is huge and acts almost as a hedge to separate the two halves of our garden. It pre-dates us by years I think. I love that it flowers all winter then the birds strip the flowers for nesting material in the spring. We had blackbirds nest in it last summer too

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  2. actually looking at it again they arn’t carrots either, probably parsnips. or a herb, unless you have funny carrots, like the amazing beetroot you had last year.But apart from that fabulous photos, well done for braving the elements!!

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