Where has December gone?

A green pine garland on a wooden mantlepiece above a red brick fireplace

Well it has been a busy couple of weeks. Christmas is nearly upon us and the young cats have been keen to help with the wrapping. D has been firm this year and said no tree, as we know that it would get pulled over and our precious ornaments smashed. We did buy baubles for the little ones with their names on, so they will be on the tree next year along with the Princess and the Calamity Cat, who have their own wooden ones. We even have a bauble for my old cat, who died long before I got Calamity and the Princess, and it is a lovely way to remember the ones who have now left us.

Our new babies are growing into confident and affectionate young cats. No longer kittens but not yet adults, they are firmly into their teenage months. One minute they are playing madly, the next they are lounging around trying to look aloof and grown up. Our Mad Kitten has also become a soppy lap cat overnight, loving to sprawl on D’s knee while Calamity is on mine. She is learning to tolerate them more, although she is still more comfortable with Brave Kitten. She even licked her head briefly once before remembering that she didn’t like her and cuffing her around the head to keep her in her place. In return, Brave Kitten loves Calamity and will put up with any amount of growling to be near her. Mad Kitten has developed a cautious respect for her older “sister” and is usually quelled with a glance – unless she is having a mad turn when she will chase anyone and anything.

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For a while, we continued to shut the little ones in their own room overnight, leaving the rest of the house for Calamity, who would usually join us at some point in the night. However, after a couple of weeks Brave Kitten decided enough was enough. She is the brighter of the two and quickly realised that if she went into the kitten room for food at night, the door was shut behind her and she wasn’t that desperate for her supper. A scrunchie ball worked for another couple of nights and then she got wise to that too. The result is that bedtime now sees us carrying Calamity upstairs under our arm and we safely lock ourselves in the bedroom, leaving the kittens in charge everywhere else! It sounds mad, and it is mad, but it is working for us at the moment.

Life isn’t all about the cats of course. We have moved into winter mode, which means doing as little in the garden as we can get away with, although we do still have to find somewhere to plant our raspberries, which have finally arrived. And we haven’t hibernated altogether – we have some festive social events planned. There was a charity event at the village club last weekend, which we very much enjoyed, especially as we decided halfway through the night to get engaged! We had to make a special trip to York the next day to buy a ring from the Antique Centre there. It was all very exciting …

Hand wearing a 2-stone diamond engagement ring
Exciting times ahead!


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