How can it be March?

Scarborough town, seafront and castle

Where did February go? Between the Winter Olympics, family visits and the ever-changing weather, the month has vanished and March is upon us. We are assured that Spring is around the corner, even though it is currently like Narnia outside the windows.

D and I are apart at the moment, as I am in Aberdeen and he is safe at home in Yorkshire with the cats. However, like star-crossed lovers who look out on one moon, reassured that the other is doing just the same, we are united by the dreaded Beast from the East. My view is of snow-capped roofs, his is the garden, but the snow and the bitter cold is identical. He has the advantage of the fire and two furry bodies to snuggle up to, while I have to make do with an electric blanket and a fan heater but I am trying not to be too envious – at least I can walk to work.

Before the Beast struck, we took a few days off last week to welcome D’s sister, partner and their very beautiful cat for a visit. We were all a little apprehensive about the cats beforehand but, in the event, all went well. Our feline guest stayed safely tucked up in the bedroom and our girls appeared oblivious. The Princess was momentarily put out to discover that her usual daytime bed was out of bounds but they were both delighted to discover that the sofa in the dining room became a proper bed for us all. “Why isn’t this out all the time?” they asked, stretching out luxuriously and more or less tipping D out the other side. “It’s much better than the other one – we have food, litter tray and door in easy reach and we don’t even need to go upstairs.” After the guests had gone home, it took days to put the sofa bed away, as they seemed to enjoy it so much.

During the family visit, in a moment of madness, we decided to go to the seaside and headed for a day out in Scarborough. D and I have a very soft spot for Scarborough, after a wonderfully relaxing few days there not long after we moved but, after all those years in Aberdeen, we should have realised that the East Coast in February is a very different thing. The wind was bitter, a forerunner of what was to come this week and it was inevitable that I would pick up a cold as a result. However, the town wielded its usual magic and drew us in, even in the cold. The funicular from the beach to the town was a new experience for us all and we agreed to go back together in warmer times, to enjoy the full beauty of the area.

Traditional sign for Tramway to Beach, Scarborough
Scarborough Funicular


In the meantime, what of the garden I hear you ask? It does indeed seem a long time since we ventured out there and we are looking forward to making a start on the new season. However, fair weather gardeners that we are, it will need to fend for itself until both the Beast and Storm Emma have passed.

Fingers crossed that Spring will be here before long. And if you can’t wait that long, hop across to HomeduJour’s latest post, which brought a smile to my face and the warmth of Spring to my heart – I hope it does the same for you all.

4 thoughts on “How can it be March?

  1. Here in Toronto, Canada, we’re seeing less snow than is normal for this time of year. It would appear that the jet stream is dumping our snow your way this year!

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