A Precious Moment

Cream primroses with a yellow centre, surrounded by deep green leaves and spotted with raindrops

Some of you may remember that, during a difficult time in the summer, I learned about being more mindful and taking time out to just be. Inevitably, as I regained my perspective and went back to my normal routine, my mindfulness slipped a little. However, I do still notice more – about how I feel both emotionally and physically and about the world around me. The garden is a big part of that – the roses are still hanging on in there, in spite of the heavy frosts we have had and the primroses in the patio pots make me smile every time I see their flash of colour.

Sometimes, though, it is the ordinary things which strike me and take my breath away. Last week, we were enjoying a cup of coffee after our lunch when there was a knock at the door. We knew what it was – D had ordered our online bulk buy of cat food to keep our ever-hungry pair happy for the next couple of months. As he went to open the door, a sudden wave of pure happiness swept over me. Something as mundane as D opening the door to the cat food delivery man suddenly symbolised everything about our lives here. Nothing special, lives similar to millions of others and so often taken for granted. And yet, in that moment, I was acutely aware of how incredibly lucky the four of us are to have found each other and to have created our little family. There are so many ways we could have missed each other – if I had not moved to Scotland, if another family hadn’t selflessly sought to rehome the cats so that they could be happy again, if my friend V hadn’t wanted to go to the dancing class where I first met D. Lots and lots of decisions, some small, some large, but all leading to our New Simple Life and that fleeting moment of pure joy as I sat at the dining table, waiting for the cat food to arrive.

Some things are meant to be.

Grey and white cat curled up in a ball asleep
Happiness is …

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