The Descent into Hell

Cat sitting in new kitchen

Ok, that is probably an exaggeration, but kitchen fitting is never fun. Add to that a week-long migraine and you have a bad week – and,I’m afraid, a short blog post.

Day One of the kitchen fit went well. Everything was ripped out by lunchtime and the cats, who had been expecting a whole day locked up in the bedroom, were out basking in the sun by midday. Day Two also wasn’t bad in terms of the work. The electrician did his first fix and most of the base cupboards ended up in roughly the right place. It wasn’t totally straightforward – the dishwasher wouldn’t fit where we had planned without hitting the radiator, but our fitter managed to squeeze it in somewhere else so that, for the first time since we moved here, we can actually open it properly. The novelty of the rest of it was already starting to wear a bit thin, though. We have put the kettle and the microwave into the dining room but we can’t really cook, or sit at the table and we are having to wash up in the bathroom. I do remember all this from the last time I renovated a house, so it wasn’t totally unexpected, but I had forgotten what a pain it can all be.

It was today (Day 3) that it became harder. The plasterer came and, although he did a good job, and they cleaned up after themselves, plastering is always going to be messy. A leak on the stopcock added stress to everyone but it was soon fixed. We won’t talk about the plasterer going through a floorboard, which has led to a hole in the floor that the cats are finding fascinating. The big headache (quite literally for me) is that the granite company can’t take their template for the work surface until next week, which will delay its fitting until the following week and the fitting of the sink until after that.

Leaving all that aside, though, it is quite exciting. The cupboards that are in are looking good, especially my Magic Corner pull-out cupboard. I’ve narrowed the tiles down to two options and, by the end of tomorrow, it will all be taking shape.

So, keep everything crossed for me and, hopefully, by next week’s post, it will all be looking much better!

In the meantime, here’s what it has looked like so far:

One thought on “The Descent into Hell

  1. That’s fantastic progress after only 3 days,think yourself lucky, when I had my kitchen done the fitter ( Colin) went on holiday for 10 days only leaving me a sink propped up on bricks and NOTHING else! Sorry about the migraine, hope you are feeling better now.


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