Welcome to our New Simple Life

Field with cows and Autumn trees

And welcome to our corner of beautiful North Yorkshire. Follow us as we develop our gardening skills, embrace some DIY and become part of our village community. All under the watchful gaze of our rescue cat, known as the Calamity Cat.


Grey and white cat sniffing some purple heather
The Calamity Cat inspecting a recent purchase


We still feel Calamity’s sister The Princess is close by (we sadly lost her to cancer in August 2018) and so I just had to include a picture of her here on our About page – she is still very much part of the family. This is one of my favourites.


Grey and white cat up a tree
The Princess loved climbing the apple tree

We suspect that the Princess is inspiring our newest arrivals, two rescue kittens who joined us in October 2018, to ever greater mischief, whispering in their ear “Do you know what I used to do to drive them crazy … ?”

Tortoisehell tabby and white and ginger kittens peeping over a white play tunnel
“What mischief can we get up to?”